Cake Sofa

As most parents can relate, when you learn you’re expecting a baby, not only does your excitement and happiness grows but so does your household budget.  Little people require a lot of big things! From cribs to toys, it can feel like your home is inundated with large colorful baby gear, gizmos and gadgets.  Though children are the source of the greatest joy and love in life, the cost of raising a child is expensive and the latest statistics of how much parents will spend before their child turns 17 might cause some parents to feel a little faint.  With expenditures on the rise, its a great benefit to find quality and long-lasting products made for children.


Design Skin makes high-quality and multi-purpose furniture for babies and children.  The designs are truly multi-functional because the products can transform from play gear to working furniture.  Design Skin offers various types of play mats that are convertible into furniture.  For example, using a Design Skin Cake Model transformable play mat means you are getting more than just a regular a play mat to put on the floor.  In addition to the play mat,  you are getting a desk, sofa seat, learning space, imaginative and creative play area and more.

 #1 Multi-Use Design Skin play mats can be converted from play to learning.  A child can be playing on the play mat and next be sitting in a comfortable seat to read.  A child can be jumping on the soft play mat and then be sitting at the desk to color.  The ease of the transformable frame allows children’s imagination to soar and create their own play and learning environment.

#2 Durable Material Design Skin play mats are “soft feel” and covered with a mixture of polyurethane and polyester for long-lasting (and kid-proof) material. The PU material is very elastic, strong and no chemical agent is used for the PU.  The entire product is hand-made from stitching through finish to ensure quality. The comb-teeth pattern of the mat, where children play and jump on, prevents slipperiness. The foam is shock absorption and uses a filling material found in beds and chairs to withstand daily children’s play.  Its lightweight to move, sturdy, and helps with sound reduction to create a safer environment for children to play.

#3 Save Space and Money Kids toys and play gear often are large, bulky and can take up a lot of room.  The Design Skin play mats are compact and fold very easily so it can be placed securely in a in a small area or large room.  With the Design Skin (Cake Model) play mats transforming to fully functioning furniture, you don’t have to purchase a separate desk or sofa or seat for  your child to use—everything is all-in-one!

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